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Once you have graduated your fundamental course training you will be able to take advantage of our many beneficial programs here at Frozen City.  Here is a list of our current programs that you will be offered:

group class

In the personalized fundamental group classes, you will continue your journey to find your definition of fitness.  In these sessions, you and up to 4 other individuals will be performing workouts that will challenge you to your maximum potential.  This class will also allow you to be a part of the always friendly and motivated Frozen City community.  We currently offer 7 one hour sessions daily Monday through Friday and 2 on Saturdays.  This will allow you to continue to find the appropriate time in your busy schedule to come in and get a great work out in and have fun while doing it!


Powerlifting is one of the greatest tools for building pure strength.  At Frozen City, we include the standard 4 powerlifting movements (squat, bench, press, and deadlift) into our daily programming.  We also offer group or individual sessions by appointment that will focus specifically on 1 or all 4 standard movements of powerlifting.

Frozen City offers personal training to all current members.  If you are looking for a one-on-one session to work on a movement that you are struggling with or would like to pursue a full-time personal training, we will accommodate to your needs. We currently offer 6 time slots for daily personal training appointments from Monday through Friday and 1 on Saturday.

personal training



Olympic Weightlifting is by far one of the most difficult and dynamic forms of lifting that you can learn. If you have never heard of a Snatch or Clean and Jerk, or are just looking to perfect your form, look no further.  You may include this program in addition to your functional fitness group classes or we also offer group/individual sessions by appointment that will focus specifically on the two standard movements of Olympic Weightlifting.

55+ Training

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Fitness training should not stop as you get older!  Here at Frozen City, we thrive on convincing people to push themselves to a better version of themselves no matter the circumstance.  If you are tired of feeling weak and tired of taking pill after pill, give us a shot.  We have large amounts of experience with people who have become weak and tired from normal aging. By implementing a small easy level of fitness training and working to improve on that level, we can gradually work on reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol, and get you back to being the good old self you once were or maybe even better!