The first step in your fitness journey is to attend our free introduction session. During your introduction session, we will discuss your fitness goals, the programs we offer, and our fundamental training methodology. You will participate in a WOD or "Workout of the Day", so you can experience training for your fitness goals.

To have us contact you for your FREE INTRODUCTION session, Please fill out the info boxes to the right, and don't forget to put FREE INTRO in the subject line. We will get back to you usually within the next 24 hours except on the weekends, then you can expect us to get back to you on the next business day.  Thank you and we look forward to helping you reveal your true fitness potential!

"At Frozen City Fitness, we thrive to attain everyones fitness goals. Whether you are looking to compete in Sporting events or to improve your overall health, we will strive to reach your fitness goals."


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During your FREE INTRO session we will provide you with an overview of all the programs we offer here at Frozen City. The beginner's/fundamental course program is a 15+ sessions of 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (if you sign up with a partner) personal training held 3 times a week for 5 weeks. During the 5 weeks, you will be gradually acclimated to the standard workouts, and we will individualized each movement of the workouts for you. This method is called Scaling. Scaling allows us to adjust the workouts, so that anyone can train using individualized movements. Once you have completed the 15+ sessions, you will be ready for the other programs we offer.  We will discuss your fitness goals and choose a program that  best suit your needs.

Our fundamental course program usually consist of 15 sessions. The price for all 15 sessions of 1-on-1 personal training will be $550, or $400 per person for 2-on-1 (bring your training partner a.k.a spouse, friend, sibling, etc.) Your personal training sessions will last approximately 1 hour and can be scheduled to fit your needs.

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Text "frozen" to 27677 for a FREE introduction session